Friends of the BWMBA


The BWMBA is a Non-Profit organization run by volunteers.  

The Overall League is for Men/Adults ages 18+ who are looking for a fun but competitive game of organized basketball. 

Over the past few years we have introduced youth and teen programs, which help towards honing the fundamentals of the game through coaching, mentoring and basketball related opportunities. i.e. camps, practices, score-keeping, floor-assistants, shot clock operators, stats monitoring and video/tech assistants.

We do keep a bunch of stats and nominate season and finalist awards in many categories. The League is about competitive team play, respect for your opponents and pints after the game at Keenan's Irish Pub.  We do feature an All-Star Game at the mid-point of the season!

If you are looking for fun, but quality organized fiba basketball this is the league for you!

Here are our Rules and Code of Conduct.