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League members will conduct themselves in sportsmen like fashion at all times.

All Games Played @ Brampton Soccer Centre This Year

Game 1 - 6:55 - Warm Up  - -  Game Tip Off - - 7:05pm

Game 2 - 7:55 - Warm Up  - -  Game Tip Off - - 8:05pm

Game 3 - 8:55 - Warm Up  - -  Game Tip Off - - 9:05pm

*Game clock will start promptly at the specified time for each game

whether Teams are on the court or not.* 

UPDATED POLICY: After a long conversation with our PRBABO VP, assignor and their committee, I have decided to update our current league policy to reflect this conversation.

Moving ForwardAny Player who receives:

  • Their 1st League Technical Foul will not be charged for this first offense, but verbally warned!
  • Their 2nd League Technical Foul will result in a 10.00 fine as this is their second league wide offense. *This must be paid prior to the next game or else they will be suspended and not permitted to play.*
  • Two Technical Fouls in one game (Not An Unsporting Foul) or this is their Second Offense or they have been ejected will be charged a $25.00 fine for this offense. *This must be paid prior to the next game or else they will be suspended and not permitted to play*
  • .If for any reason a player is ejected, there will be a suspension and possible removal from our league.
  • If any instance of a player physically assaulting another player, teammate, referee, scorekeeper, and/or commissioner they will not only be suspended, potentially removed entirely from the league and possibly charged by the Police.
  • All of these instances or examples, have the potential for different evidentiary circumstances and will be assessed on an individual/case by case/event by event basis with the final verdict coming from the League President and Commissioner Mr. Adrian D. Sooroojpal. 

BWMBA will continue to honour the disciplinary action and advice from the Peel Regional Board of Approved Basketball Officials. If you have a complaint or concern regarding league play or a league member than that matter in question should be brought to a member of the BWMBA Executive Team ie League Commissioner for a resolution.  

In the event that a League Player does not adhere to the new BWMBA Code of Conduct The "said" Player will be removed entirely and banned for life from BWMBA.

League Play
All League games will be governed by FIBA game rules:

  • There is one (1) timeout  in the First Half and two (2) timeouts in the Second Half.  Time-outs do not carry over.
  • ​In the last 2 minutes of the game each team will only be entitled to a maximum of 2 Timeouts. 
  • Timeouts can only be granted on a Dead Ball or if you are scored upon. There are no Live Ball Timeouts 
  • Game is played in 4 x 10 minute quarters with stop time in the last 2 minutes of the forth quarter, only if the game has a difference of 11 points or less. 
  • There is a 24 second shot clock and a 14 second reset for offensive rebounds. 
  • No OT during regular season play.  
  • For playoff games that go to OT each team will get 1 timeout. 
  • Penalty for all Technical Fouls is 1 Free Throw. Any player receiving 2 Technical Foul for Unsportsmanlike Conduct or 2 Technical Foul will be disqualified. 
  • Team Penalty will take place on the 5th Team Fouls and will reset at the end of each quarter with the exception of an Extra Period. The penalty is 2 Free Throws for all Team Fouls on the 5th Team Foul and subsequent common foul that is not a Team Control Foul. 

Teams can start the game with 4 players if the opposing Captain agrees and may also pick up another body from any other league team to begin the first Quarter. If a team does not have the 5th team player by the end of the first quarter, the game will be forfeited unless the opposing Captain agrees to continue! *This will also be determined by pending weather, etc.*   

Playoff Point System:

This year we have introduced a point system so that teams can be rewarded for ties. 

Wins = 2 Points                  Ties = 1 Point          Losses = 0 Points